The Regional Transit Feasibility Plan is not just another study...

TAKE THE SURVEY (Link): Your input is needed on the draft plan, technical recommendations, and service preferences to be included in the final implementation plan.

SAVE THE DATE: Join us on July 20, 2018, at the Tampa Airport Marriot for the Regional Transit Forum to kick-off the process for public input!

This is a regional transit plan that began with a review of the more than 55 transportation plans and studies already completed by Tampa Bay area agencies over the past 30 years to determine where the strongest corridors are for possible transit options and what those projects would look like. The goal is simple: to improve transportation options in the Tampa Bay area.

The plan will build on decades of planning and bridge the gap between the regional vision for transit throughout the region and define the projects that are most competitive for federal funding. An evaluation process using clearly defined criteria will identify the top transit corridors in the region, and ultimately one “catalyst project” that could be implemented first, followed by other projects to move forward around the region. More info on the catalyst projects as well as recent presentations can be found at the links below.RTFP Links:

- About the Project
- Video: What Modes are Being Considered for the RTFP?
- Top Catalyst Project Map: I-275 Rubber Tire from Downtown St. Pete to Wesley Chapel

- Top Catalyst Project Map: CSX Urban Rail

PDF: March 23 Presentation to TBARTA Board 
Video: March 23 Presentation to TBARTA Board

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