Commute Tampa Bay App Provides Help for Frustrated Drivers

David Green
Executive Director
Phone: 813-282-8200

TAMPA, Fla. (February 4) – Drivers frustrated by their daily commute back and forth through rush hour traffic can find help through Commute Tampa Bay, the new name for Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority’s (TBARTA) commuter services. A new ridematching platform, enhanced emergency ride home benefits, and federal subsidies to offset commuting costs are now available to Tampa Bay commuters.

“With our new app and website, Commute Tampa Bay is your one-stop resource to help you improve your commute,” said Cyndi Raskin, TBARTA’s Director of Commuter Services. “We want to make everyone aware of the cost-saving advantages to car and vanpooling, as well as the ridematching services and other benefits TBARTA offers, that make driving to work easier, more affordable, and more fun. Best of all, all Commute Tampa Bay services are free, and the app will reward users for choosing a better commute.”

TBARTA’s commuter services date back to the early 1990s, when ridesharing was promoted to help drivers save money, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the environment. By rebranding today’s services as Commute Tampa Bay, TBARTA hopes to increase awareness of these benefits, and several new ones.

“Most people don’t realize just how much money you can save through ridesharing,” Raskin said. “Not only is the cost reduced when you ride with someone else, but TBARTA can also provide an additional $400 each month in subsidies to help offset the cost of a vanpool, which is operated by Commute with Enterprise. Because they also spend less on gas, tolls, and maintenance, most of our ridesharers end up saving several hundred dollars each month.”

Commute Tampa Bay improvements also include new benefits for Emergency Ride Home, the program that ensures ridesharers won’t be stranded at work if they have a commute emergency. Those who qualify and use a commute alternative at least twice a week are eligible to be reimbursed for up to six free rides home from work each year, providing peace of mind. That’s an increase from the previous four rides per year.

“TBARTA not only has benefits for commuters, but employers, too,” Raskin said. “We work with businesses to help them set up commuter programs for their employees, an added benefit that helps with employee recruitment and retention. We encourage employers to contact us for more information, because just like commuters, Commute Tampa Bay services are also free for them.”

To learn more, go to which has program details and access to the new ridesharing app, or call 800-998-RIDE.


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