Ride Demand for TD Tampa Bay Strong and Growing

Chris Jadick
Director of Communications
Phone: (813) 639-7743

TAMPA, Fla. (March 4, 2021) – TBARTA’s TD Tampa Bay ride service is only three months old, but initial demand is strong and growing. The service provides new, county-to-county trips for those who are transportation disadvantaged because of age, income, or disability.

TD Tampa Bay provided 332 rides in February, 28% more than January, and 79% more than December, when the service was launched. 74% of all trips cross county lines within the TBARTA region, which is the primary reason the service was launched.

“Providing cross-county mobility anywhere in TBARTA’s five-county region has long been identified as a need for our transportation disadvantaged population, and the numbers prove it,” said David Green, Executive Director of TBARTA. “Our program is off to a strong start, and as word spreads, we expect demand will only continue to build.”

TBARTA also tracks why people use the service, with medical appointments and employment making up more than half of all trips. Since the program was launched last year, 30% of rides were for medical appointments, with 27% employment, 14% social, and 8% education.

TD Tampa Bay is also surveying riders to get feedback and make improvements as needed. Many have been highly complimentary and appreciative for the TBARTA program.

“I love the service. It has provided me more independence,” said one rider. Another wrote, “You have no idea how many doors and possibilities this opens for me and other disabled people.” A third rider hopes the program will grow, writing “Grateful for the expansion of the service to new counties. Hope service can expand even more.”

TD Tampa Bay is made possible through an Innovation and Service Development Grant Award approved by the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD). UZURV, an adaptive transportation network company, provides credentialed drivers for both ambulatory and wheelchair accessible rides.

The program complements TD service already provided intra-county by local Community Transportation Coordinators (CTCs), who primarily offer transportation within their county’s borders. TD Tampa Bay also provides evening and weekend service intra-county when local CTCs are not operating.

“TBARTA’s mission is to improve regional transit options across Tampa Bay, and TD Tampa Bay is one example of our capabilities,“ Green said. “This service was not previously available, and we’re proud to now provide it for those who are most in need of regional transportation support.”

The CTD grant finances most expenses, with riders paying a flat $6 fee per trip, regardless of the destination. Eligible riders are defined as “persons who because of physical or mental disability, income status, or age are unable to transport themselves or purchase transportation.” Additional information, including an online application form, are at TDTampaBay.com.

For more information on TD Tampa Bay and other TBARTA initiatives, contact Chris Jadick, TBARTA Communications Director, at 813-639-7743, or Chris.Jadick@Tbarta.com


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