Commuting to work other than in your personal vehicle has a range of benefits, both to you and to your community.

Have More Money

By sharing the costs of commuting (gas, parking) with one or more, whether by carpooling or vanpooling, you can increase the amount of disposable income you can allocate to other activities, like leisure and travel.
You can also insulate you and your bottom line from fluctuations in gas prices. Fewer miles on your vehicle mean less wear and tear, too.

Minimize Congestion

Each time you share a trip to work, you’re taking one car off the road that might otherwise add to already challenging congestion.

Health & Safety

Reducing trips minimizes auto-sourced pollution, and by carpooling or vanpooling, you can have a more enjoyable, social commute. If you opt to bike or walk to work, you get exercise while commuting, great for those looking to shed some pounds.
TBARTA wants everyone to be safe and sound when they get to work, so we provide strength in numbers. By registering and being matched with others, you can travel together, stay alert, and trade off driving responsibilities.

For Employers

A partnership with TBARTA can help employers save money by eliminating transportation-related problems that employees may have. By working with company employees to help them set up carpools and vanpools, TBARTA can help employers.
  • Recruit qualified employees
  • Retain employees, especially in the wake of a company move
  • Cope with limited parking spaces
  • Save money by offering tax incentives
  • Ease relocation difficulties
  • Receive publicity for taking care of your employees
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