Since its first meeting in May 2008, the TBARTA Land Use Working Group (LUWG) was the primary forum for coordination between the Master Plan and local land use planning concerns, providing advice about existing land use patterns, long-range land use plans, growth projections, and local community goals. Technical experts from various land use planning agencies, environmental groups, the development community, transportation agencies, and others, participated in this group. At regular bi-monthly meetings, LUWG members shared information about transit-supportive land use planning activities occurring around the TBARTA Region. The group was essential in the creation of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Resource Guide.

To help broaden its reach, in May 2012, the LUWG merged with ONE BAY to become the ONE BAY Livable Communities Working Group. ONE BAY is a diverse partnership of regional organizations, including TBARTA, aligned to facilitate a regional visioning process for the Tampa Bay region. Functions of the LUWG are being transferred to the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council staff, and TBARTA will remain actively involved as a ONE BAY partner. The group will continue to serve as an open forum to discuss strategies for improving the built environment, natural environment, and mobility in the Tampa Bay region. It is expected that, through the inclusion of a wider and more diverse audience, the ONE BAY Livable Communities Working Group will act as catalyst for building new partnerships throughout the region.

In 2014, the working group became the ONE BAY Resiliant Communities Working Group that convenes several times a year to share information and engage stakeholders about regional resiliency solutions.