Clearwater Beach Aerial Gondola Survey

drawing of gondola over traffic headed to the beach

TBARTA conducted the Clearwater Beach Aerial Gondola survey August 1 - 31, 2022.  The survey is now closed. A total of 8356 people took the survey with results posted below.

While the survey was open to everyone in Tampa Bay, priority was placed on getting feedback from Clearwater and Pinellas County residents.  Clearwater residents made up 17% of all respondents (1228), while Pinellas County residents living outside Clearwater made up 33%.  48% identified as living in Florida but outside Pinellas County, and 2% lived outside of Florida.

Excel spreadsheets of survey results based on residency can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate tab below.

Why an Aerial Gondola in Clearwater?

A new gondola would provide a convenient connection for families, tourists, and commuters of all needs who want to enjoy both Clearwater Beach and Downtown Clearwater.

Click one of the scenarios below to see how:

graphic of the beach and a gondola with the title "A fast trip to the beach"3 images of downtown Clearwater with gondola and title "Commuting to Clearwater Beach"Images of Clearwater with the title "Going Downtown for an Evening"

Commuting to Clearwater Beach image

The survey is part of the public engagement portion of TBARTA's Pinellas County Aerial Gondola Feasibility Study, which is being conducted in partnership with Forward Pinellas, the City of Clearwater and the City of St. Petersburg.  Among the questions the study examines are:  

  • What is the purpose or need for an aerial gondola?
  • Where would gondola service be of greatest benefit?
  • How much will it cost to build a gondola operation and who will pay for it?
  • Once the gondola is built, who should own and operate it?
  • What will be local government’s financial obligation?

Results from the survey were included in the study's final report and will help local leaders in any future considerations.  Final study results were presented to the TBARTA Board on October 21, 2022.