Technical Memos

Technical memos are detailed documentation of all the research that goes into building the Regional Transit Development Plan. Information you will find here includes:

  • Baseline Conditions of Population
  • Commuting Patterns
  • Evaluation of Existing Transit Service
  • Transit Performance Evaluation
  • Tampa Bay Region Trend Analysis
  • Regional Peer Agency Analysis
  • Transit Demand Assessment
  • Regional Mobility Needs
  • Ridership Forecasts
  • Regional Transit Improvement
  • Socioeconomic Trends
  • Land Use Policy
  • Community Feedback
  • Travel Behavior and Commuting Trends

Click the images below to review this documentation for in-depth information that lays the foundation for the Regional Transit Development Plan.

Tech Memorandum #1 - Baseline Conditions

Baseline conditions, including service area population, employment densities, population forecasts, land use, age distribution, income and education, labor force, automobile ownership, commuting patterns & tourism.

Tech Memorandum #2 - Transit Performance

Evaluations of existing transit service, peer regional agency evaluation (Atlanta, Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle, San Diego, South Florida), Tampa Bay trend analysis, summary of regional performance & opportunities.

Tech Memorandum #3 - Regional Mobility

Includes transit demand assessment, regional mobility needs, short and long-term improvements, ridership forecasts, regional transit improvement evaluations, evaluation methodology & 10-year network ridership forecast.

Tech Memorandum #4 - Situation Appraisal

Includes Planning: Socioeconomic trends, travel behavior and commuting trends, land use policy, community feedback, transit technologies, also funding, operations, & peer regional agency staffing levels.

Project Management Plan

The PMP contains project description and objectives, project team members, decision-making process, scope & schedule, project cost, quality control and assurance plan.

Tech Memorandum #5: Public Involvement Summary

Public Involvement Plan, outreach goals and guiding principles, communication tools, outreach strategies, meetings, presentations and community events, media outreach, online surveys.