Advanced Air Mobility webinar for transportation planners, image of an aerial vehicle flying of a city skyline

Advanced Air Mobility

Integrating the Third Dimension into Metropolitan Transportation Systems


This webinar provided an introduction to advanced air mobility, an update on the state of the industry, a description of the benefits and challenges that come with AAM, and a look at some of the policy, infrastructure, economic and social issues that communities should consider.

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Webinar Presenters:

Anna Dietrich

picture of Anna Dietrich, Co-Executive Director of CAMI

Anna is an industry-recognized leader in the urban air mobility (UAM), electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and innovative personal aviation industries as the principal at AMD Consulting. She is an expert in policy, certification, and government relations in the aviation industry, as well as start-up company operations, and generally solving complex problems in unique ways while inspiring innovation within a sustainable framework.

Yolanka Wulff

picture of Yolanka Wulff, Co-Executive Director of CAMI

Yolanka is responsible for CAMI’s programs including the development of topical resources, webinars, conferences and collaborations. She is a member of the Transportation Research Board New Users of Shared Airspace Committee, the NBAA Emerging Technologies Committee, the GAMA Electric Propulsion Innovation Committee, serves on several ASTM committees and as Executive Director of CAFE Foundation where she organizes the annual Electric Aircraft Symposium.

Presented by TBARTA in partnership with the Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI)


CAMI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to support the responsible integration of urban air mobility into communities through education, communication and collaboration. CAMI connects communities and industry by providing resources to decision makers, community leaders, and planners at the state and local level. CAMI is dedicated to proving communities and their leaders with the information and tools that are vital to the successful integration of aviation into our daily transportation options.