On this page you will find a wide range of Regional Rapid Transit information.

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Project Fact Sheet

This one-page fact sheet includes succinct information about Regional Rapid Transit:

  • Background
  • Goals
  • Facts
  • How to Get Involved

Click here for the RRT Fact Sheet

Regional Rapid transit fact sheet image, showing map of project area along I-275

Parking Fact Sheet

The parking fact sheet shows station-by-station how much parking will be needed in each neighborhood. Among the PD&E study results:

  • Total Parking = 800-1400 spaces
  • No parking garages will be built
  • Stations will meet community needs

Click here for the Parking Fact Sheet


Detailed information on the Project Development and Environmental Study is included here, including the Project Management and Public Involvement Plans, Evaluation Plans, and Summary Reports from April 2020.

Project Management Plan

Public Involvement Plan

Evaluation Plan

RRT Parking Space Methodology

Step One - Summary Report: April 2020

Summary Report Appendix A

Summary Report Appendix B

Summary Report Appendix C

Summary Report Appendix D



The Regional Rapid Transit route is planned along I-275, starting in St. Petersburg, then travelling north across the Howard Frankland Bridge into Tampa, tghen further north past the USF area into Pasco County and Wesley Chapel.

A number of potential alignments along this route have been studied, using different combinations of existing roadway, express lanes, and dedicted lanes.  Click the maps below to learn more on each. 

Milestone One: Station Areas

Milestone One: Baseline - No Build

Milestone One: Alternative 1: TSM

Milestone One: Alternative 2

Milestone One: Alternative 3

Milestone One: Alternative 4

Milestone One: Alternative 5

Milestone Three: Parking Estimates Map