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TD Tampa Bay Service Update


TD Tampa Bay discontinued ride service on July 1, 2021, as funding support from Florida’s Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) ended.  

We thank those who took part in TD Tampa Bay.  Since the program’s launch in December 2020, we provided more than 4000 trips across the five-county TBARTA region. More than 71% of those trips (2896) crossed county lines, demonstrating a strong need for regional ride support to Tampa Bay’s transportation disadvantaged community. Information gathered from this successful seven-month project will be helpful as TBARTA and UZURV work to find new means for future service.

We thank our riders for these testimonials:

"Please bring it back! This was a most important answer to my transportation situation."

"I live in St. Pete and work in Tampa. This was the best service in 28 years. 100x bus is my only other option and their limited hours and service are a real issue."

"You have no idea how many doors and possibilities this opens for me and other disabled people."

"I am legally blind, and the inclusion of county to county transportation is the best thing disabled individuals need."

"This service provided me the independence to travel out of the county area.  As a disabled veteran, this is a mental health booster."

"The service was great. Convenient, reliable, clean, safe."

"This was wonderful and desperately needed. Please try to bring this service back as soon as possible."

                                                                                                          - TD Tampa Bay rider survey responses

Woman riding in a car being driven by a UZURV driver

TD Tampa Bay is a partnership of TBARTA and UZURV, and provided regional transportation to disadvantaged eligible riders across all five TBARTA counties: Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas. Service started on December 1, 2020, made possible through an Innovation and Service Development (ISD) Grant from the Florida Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD). In June, 2021, the CTD approved a two-year continuation of TD Tampa Bay, but that approval was made contingent on the availability of ISD grant money, which was pending. The 2021 Florida Legislature passed Senate Bills 100 and 1126 that repealed the Multi-Use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) program, which also eliminated ISD Grant funding.  As a result, TD Tampa Bay is currently not operating, discontinuing service on July 1, 2021.

TD Tampa Bay At-A-Glance

  • TD Tampa Bay provides cross-county trips to TD eligible riders in the TBARTA region
  • Weekend and evening service also supplements service provided within county borders
  • All drivers meet FTA Drug and Alcohol test requirements, pass background checks and have safe driving histories
  • Hours of operation: Mon-Fri  5:00am - 10:00pm, Weekends 7:30am - 7:30pm
  • Your cost: Riders pay $6 per ride, each way, regardless of destination

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Questions and answers:


The program began on December 1, 2020.  Click the question below to find the information you need. If you have other questions, please call the TD Tampa Bay service center at 813-445-8895.

TD Tampa Bay is a transportation service that provides ​cross-county trips​ to eligible transportation disadvantaged persons ​residing in Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas​ Counties. The service also provides ​rides​ to transportation disadvantaged persons ​during evenings and on weekends​ outside of the service hours provided by the community transportation coordinator in the county where the person lives.

A transportation disadvantaged person is a person “who because of physical or mental disability, income status, or age are unable to transport themselves or to purchase transportation and are, therefore, dependent upon others to obtain access to health care, employment, education, shopping, social activities, or other life-sustaining activities . . .” Chapter 427.011(1), Florida Statutes

TD Tampa Bay provides transportation to TD eligible riders anywhere within TBARTA’s five-county region, which includes Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas counties.

You must also register with TD Tampa Bay, using the application form found on this webpage.  TD Tampa Bay uses the same criteria as your local community transportation coordinator to determine eligibility, so if you qualify as transportation disadvanatged you will also qualify to ride with TD Tampa Bay.

The UZURV Call Center number is 813-445-8895. Call to book trips, change trip details, etc. Ride requests can be made on the same day, with a minimum of 2 hours advance notice, and up to 30 days in advance. UZURV technology allows for scheduling of recurring trips.  

The Call Center hours of operation are Monday-Friday 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST and Saturday-Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. EST.

There is a co-pay of $6 per ride, each way.

UZURV collects rider fares from credit cards and debit cards by phone through the Call Center. Riders are not charged until the ride is complete.

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) can ride free of charge with a person with a disability to aid in meeting the person’s needs.

Complete applications, including all supporting documents, can be sent by email or mail.  To send electronically, email  Or, if you want to mail your application, the address is UZURV Eligibility Specialist, 413 Stuart Circle, Suite 100, Richmond, VA  23220. 

The TBARTA Project Manager for TD Tampa Bay is Chris DeAnnuntis.  He can be reached by email at  His phone number is (813) 282-8200 ext. 243.

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Accessible PDF Application For TD Tampa Bay

TD Tampa Bay Mid-Year Progress Report

Independent evaluation of TD Tampa Bay is conducted by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida. To see the report, click the image link above.

Annual Report - August 2021

CUTR completed a final, year-end report, for the 7-month TD Tampa Bay program through the suspension of operation on June 30, 2021. To see the report, click the image link above.