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TBARTA Speakers Bureau: Presentations

Public Engagement Phase Two Presentation

Public Engagement Phase One & Preliminary Recommendations Presentation

Regional Transportation Master Plan Update Presentation - March 24, 2009

Presentation is to the Congress for the New Urbanism, Tampa Bay & Sun Coast Section of the Florida American Planning Association

Regional Transportation Master Plan Update Presentation

County-by-County Public Opinion Survey Results - August 2008

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Master Plan Phase Three Public Engagement Report - January 2009

Please Note: The Phase Three Public Engagement Report is large (20MB), and may take some time to open.

Phase Three Public Engagement Report

Master Plan Phase Two Public Engagement Report - September 2008

Phase Two Public Engagement Report

Phase Two Public Engagement Report - Additional Appendices

Master Plan Phase One Public Engagement Report - April 2008

Thanks to you, Phase One of the public engagement activities for the Master Plan has been a tremendous success! More than 2,000 people have participated in TBARTA's community workshops, informational briefings and workshop-style presentations to community groups. Phase One has focused on the question of where the transportation improvements are needed and desired, to better connect the region's destinations. This summer will kick off Phase Two, focusing on what types of improvements are needed in those corridors where improvements are needed and desired.

In the meantime, you can still make comments.

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Appendix A - Public Engagement Events Lists

Appendix B - Public Engagement Events Map

Appendix C - Community Workshop "Open House" Flyer

Appendix D - Questionnaire

Appendix E - Regional Connection Map Boards

Appendix F - Informational Briefing Presentation Slides

Appendix G - Workshop-Style Presentation Slides

Appendix H - Public Outreach Photos

Appendix I - TBARTA in the News

Appendix J - Comments Received via Email and Website (8/1/07 Through 4/30/08)

Master Plan Overview

The 2015 Master Plan update builds upon previous updates, refining the regional networks and outlining a strategic vision for implementation. New to this update, the TBARTA Master Plan will serve as the Regional LRTP, a plan previously completed by the West Central Florida MPO Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC). To join the plans, changes were made to the Regional Networks to more closely reflect the combined priorities and vision of the two entities. The most significant change was incorporating the region’s six MPO LRTP Adopted Cost Feasible Plans and Needs Plans.

The Mid-Term Network includes the Cost Feasible projects and is now titled the 2040 Regional Projects. The Long-Term Network includes the Needs Plan projects and is now titled the Longer Range Needs. This update also incorporates the Regional Trails Network, which pulls in the CCC’s Multi-Use Trails Element.

To view the full 208 page Master Plan Update, click here.

For Technical Documentation on Public Involvement, Travel Markets, and more, click here.