TBARTA regularly participates in regional transit planning activities around the region.  Here is a summary of current and previous efforts:

Regional Rapid Transit

Regional Rapid Transit, or RRT, is the Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) study that will advance the bus rapid transit (BRT) project connecting Downtown St. Petersburg, the Gateway area, Westshore, Downtown Tampa, the USF area, and Wesley Chapel from concept toward implementation. While we know the project will use I-275, this two-year study will determine the amount of the route that is dedicated (uses a lane seperate from cars), where the stations will be, and how the vehicles will get to the stations. This study will also determine approximately how much it will cost and how it will be paid for.

To get these answers, the team will begin design and engineering, identify any impacts to the environment and community and how to address and potentially alleviate them, identify the best vehicle to use, and design how the service will operate.

More information on Regional Rapid Transit and TBARTA's BRT plan, including an information video, can be found at www.RRT.TBARTA.com.

Envision 2030

TBARTA is developing a 10-year Regional Transit Development Plan (RTDP), called Envision 2030.  In 2017, the Florida Legislature installed TBARTA as Tampa Bay's regional transit facilitator, serving Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas counties, wich authority to develop a 10-year transit strategy.  Envision 2030 will culminate with an RTDP covering 2021-2030 and is to be delivered to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) by September, 2020.



The project was completed in 2018, and builds upon decades of previous planning efforts to identify the top transit corridors in the region, and ultimately move forward with one "catalyst" project that will create the spine for a regional transit system in Tampa Bay. Findings from this study where used in adoption of TBARTA's 41-mile BRT project connecting Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.  That project is now in the PD&E study phase, called Regional Rapid Transit.  View project page here - Regional Transit Feasibility Plan.

MPO Regional Coordination Research and Best Practices Research Project

This study, which is being funded by FDOT and administered by TBARTA, is intended to look realistically and comprehensively at the ways we conduct regional coordination, as well as:

  • Clearly define what successful regional coordination means for Tampa Bay;
  • Identify the barriers to its execution through available empirical evidence;
  • Develop several implementable scenarios based on an examination of nation-wide best practices for regional transportation planning, and;
  • Outline the singular, preferred framework for improving regional coordination and responsibility in Tampa Bay, with effective mechanisms for providing consistent, relevant information to elected officials as well as the public.

Options identified because of the research must include: Merger of the MPOs in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco into a single MPO; and a no-build option.

The research will provide information to MPOs and elected officials to assist in making future decisions on the MPO planning process for Tampa Bay.

The project is expected to be completed by December 2018. View project page here - MPO Regional Coordination and Best Practices.

Regional Transit Comparison

Transit Comparison January2014 Master

In partnership with FDOT, TBARTA completed a document explaining the origins of the regional transit conversation, the various modes and vehicle types available, and considerations moving forward.

Click here to view the document.

Regional Fare Collection

A Regional Fare Collection Working Group was established in 2012 by the transit operators in the Tampa Bay area, to consider opportunities for regional consistency of fare collection as transit agencies upgrade and replace fareboxes, discuss regional fare collection policies, and consolidate management functions of their systems. The Working Group is working on a phased approach to implementing a seamless regional system, with consideration of advanced technology such as a Smart Card.

New Freedom – Citrus & Hernando Counties

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The TBARTA New Freedom planning project for Citrus and Hernando Counties aims to develop a plan for the disabled and mobility challenged population, seeking integration into the work force and full participation in society. Further, the final plan will serve to reduce barriers to transportation services and expand the transportation mobility options available to people with disabilities beyond the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Lastly, coordination and combination of appropriate mobility services activities, as to be an output of the plan, is expected to produce a more cost-efficient structure for providing such transportation services.

Westshore Intermodal Center

The Tampa International Airport (TIA), FDOT and TBARTA are evaluating potential feasible locations for the future Westshore Intermodal Center.

OneBusAway Phase I Report

In 2013, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit and the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) deployed OneBusAway, a mobile app that provides real-time transit information, in Tampa, Florida. OneBusAway is open-source software, which means that other regional transit agencies can be added to the same system to provide travelers with a single app for all multimodal travel information in the greater Tampa Bay area. This regional collaboration also reduces maintenance costs by allowing regional transit agencies to invest in a shared platform. In this project, the research team contacted the regional transit agencies in the greater Tampa Bay area to determine the current state of each agency’s scheduling and automatic vehicle location technology. Based on this assessment, this report outlines an action plan with the next steps required to add other regional transit agencies to OneBusAway, including Hernando County (The Bus), Manatee County Area Transit, Pasco County Public Transportation, Polk County (Citrus Connection), and Sarasota County Area Transit.

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TBARTA Regional Vanpool Best Practices White Paper

At the request of the TBARTA Board of Directors in August 2016, a white paper was assembled to provide more information about the TBARTA Regional Vanpool Program, operating in the region defined as Tampa Bay, Florida. 

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Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Resource Guide

Cover and Table of Contents

Introduction: TOD Guiding Principles

Chapter 1. Comprehensive Plan Policies

Chapter 2. Station Area Typology

Chapter 3. Station Area Plans

Chapter 4. Zoning, Parking, and Infrastructure

Chapter 5. Affordable and Workforce Housing

Chapter 6. Economic Development

Chapter 7. Funding and Financing

Chapter 8. Public Engagement

Entire Document (7.5 MB)

Additional Information & Resources

TOD Activities Around the TBARTA Region

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Guidance - New Starts, Small Starts and Core Capacity Improvements

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