The 45-day public comment period for the TBARTA MPOs CCC Draft Regional Public Participation Program (RP3) opened on December 1, 2017, and closed on January 26, 2018, with the TBARTA Board meeting. The plan was approved and adopted by the board without revision and available to view here - Final Approved TBARTA MPOs CCC Draft Regional Public Participation Program (RP3)

Other RP3 Materials:

2015 RP3 Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) Final Report
RP3 Advisory Group Draft Workplan
2045 LRTP Scope Update Draft

- Tampa Bay Next 2018 Communications Plan
- RP3 Advisory Group Work Plan

RP3 Advisory Group

The Mission and Purpose of the group is to provide input into the consolidation of the public participations plans of the Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC) and TBARTA into one regional public participation plan, tentatively titled the TBARTA MPOs CCC Public Involvement Plan; advise staff and the consultant on board, Pascoe Planning, on public participation strategies, issues, and trends in the development of a Best Practices Guide for inclusion in the recommendations of the bi-annual Regional Public Participation Plan (RP3) Measures of Effectiveness Report (MOE), and; provide assistance with access to required data for evaluating the measures of effectiveness of past regional public participation efforts.

The roles of the RP3 Advisory Group include:

  • Providing region-oriented advice to the Authority on effective public engagement strategies, best practices, and performance measures/targets

  • Assisting with coordination and resources required in the development and implementation of a single regional public participation plan for the eight-county West Central Florida region, as well as the bi-annual Public Participation Measures of Effectiveness Report

  • Evaluating proposed goals and recommendations for the next two-year public participation period

  • Promoting public awareness and participation in the planning and implementation of the Regional Transportation Master Plan and help disseminate information to local citizen groups

RP3 Working Group Members

Citrus/Hernando MPO  Dennis Dix
Citrus/Hernando MPO (alt.) Steve Diez
Hillsborough County MPO Johnny Wong
Hillsborough County MPO (alt.)  Rich Clarendon
Sarasota/Manatee County MPO  Corinne Tucker
Sarasota/Manatee County MPO (alt.)  Dave Hutchinson
Pasco County  Criag Casper
Pasco County (alt.) Kris Hughes
Pinellas County MPO  Hilary Lehman
Pinellas County MPO (alt.)  Chelsea Favero
Polk County MPO  Ronnie Blackshear
Polk County MPO (alt.)  Ryan Kordek