Looking for other ways to connect to your workplace, other than driving your car?

Public Transit

Regular fixed-route public transit is available in all eight Tampa Bay Region counties. To find out more about each system and its routes, follow the links below:

Minimize Congestion

Each time you share a trip to work, you’re taking one car off the road that might otherwise add to already challenging congestion.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride lots, where you park your car and ride a longer-distance bus route, are available in many of the communities throughout Tampa Bay. To find out what is available in your area, click here.


As an alternative to commuting each day, some jobs can be done virtually, using only a computer, phone, and internet connection. Working from home is also called telecommuting or teleworking.
TBARTA can provide assistance to businesses and employees looking to transition to telecommuting as a solution to lengthy commutes or challenging congestion.
Click here to contact us and learn more about telecommuting.


So simple, yet unrealistic for most. If you live within a mile of your office, you can probably walk faster than you can drive and park in the morning and afternoon.
Walking has health benefits, takes a trip and car off the road, and gives you more ‘you time’ between work and home. Remember, always be alert and aware when crossing streets and interfacing with vehicular traffic.
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