TBARTA completed its Regional Transportation Master Plan in 2009. Changes throughout our region, state and nation affect how we plan for future transportation improvements. Updating of the Master Plan in 2011 helped to ensure that we continue to represent the changing needs of our community.
The first step was to look at the transit network identified through the Master Plan process to ensure the connections still satisfy the travel needs of the region. Next, we documented the progress we have made on our transportation projects, addressed the impact of new federal air quality regulations, and added regional roadway and freight networks to the plan.
Once we finished the technical work, we held a series of Telephone Town Hall meetings in April 2011, each focusing on a portion of the Tampa Bay region. Each night, we called 40,000 to 80,000 people and invited them to participate. Each call began with a brief explanation of the Master Plan and how the telephone “meeting” would be structured. Participants were invited to ask questions of TBARTA Board members and Executive Director Bob Clifford. Questions and comments were also collected through Twitter, Facebook, and via e-mail.
After using the public’s feedback to make any necessary adjustments to the plan, the TBARTA Board adopted the updated Master Plan at its June 2011 meeting.
Recordings of each of the Town Hall meetings can be played from our Audio Recordings page.

TBARTA Master Plan 2011

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Adopted June 24, 2011

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“The time has come for us to move forward…to address and provide solutions for regional connectivity.”
- Ronnie Duncan,
TBARTA Chairman